Top men clothing items you must have in your wardrobe.

These days unlike before, men have become very picky and more selective about their clothing. Whatever they are out to buy, be it an underwear or an outer wear, they put more effort in getting the best to look more sophisticated and stylish.


However while doing that they tend to overdo thing, making certain styling mistakes in the process.

Today, I would be sharing some men clothing items you need to develop and maintain a subtle yet stylish look throughout the season the season. They include:

  • A white shirt –This is a very essential piece of men clothing every men should have in their wardrobe.

There is a weird yet true fashion saying that whenever you are in doubt, go for a white shirt.

Its simple, yet sophisticated and can fit in for both the formal and semi-formal occasions.

A white shirt gives you a great look and a great personality.


  • Denim jeans: A denim jean don’t only makes you look stylish, it give you a chick look and help you keep it cool down there.

Denims jeans are perfect for a casual yet cool look.You can go for the faded ripped out designs or the no artwork ones if you prefer subtlety.


  • T-shirts: everyman should have at least one t-shirt in the wardrobe, it would be a fashion offence not to have one.

Tees are extremely comfortable, they provide both the casual and Professional look, it would go flawlessly with apair of Denims.There are various designs and styles in the market today from the Polo, crew neck, Turtlenecks, collared tees and several others.



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